About Us

VCSPL was started with the incessant diligence of founder director Mr. Minhaj Uddin. He has obtained a bachelor's degree in Commerce from William Carey's Serampore College in West Bengal. He is a successful entrepreneur having business stretched out in various parts of the country. A+ MBA professional, he also holds a degree of Professional Doctorate in Management from National Institute of Management, Mumbai, India.

The company's board comprises of people from business communities, intellect, qualified professionals, consultant, able services providers and top hardcore technical servants have formed the back bone of the company.

What we do?

Beside mainstream work of a consultancy house, we are an organic input marketer specializing in eco-friendly products for crop cultivation, fish farming, cattle rearing and poultry farming-that is best for your health. Under the brand -Valueman OrganicTM [ an intelectual property of Valueman Consultancy Service Pvt Ltd., being used as brand name of Valueman Organic LLP ],we market various certified organic inputs for cultivators. To ensure the authenticity of our products, we only use natural products that is produced organically and vegan friendly. Our entire team is very passionate in building our trade and career that stirs love and reverence for life. As one of the leading companies that market 100% organic materials, we have effectively positioned our trademark to be of superior quality with good reputation. Our chief aim is to cater all the requirements of our customers and to make them contented to the fullest.

Our Philosophy

We are devoted to sustain Organic Farming and use of orgnaic products to acquire a reputed position in the marketplace. We aim to change the hazardous Agricultural methods in a positive and eco-friendly manner. At Valueman Organic, we foster Veracity, Trust, Affability and Motivation which are the core values of our company. We always discover fresh possibilities with confidence and positive mind. We want to make the world a better place for our present and upcoming generation.



  • Corporate site - 01.03.2015

    We are delighted to announce that we have launched two specialized websites for information related to our business of agricultural organic input and veterinary feed division-



    Happy surfing! 

  • Feed Division Opened - 1.6.2016

      We are happy to announce that our group concern- Valueman Organic LLP, has launched proteinous fish feed, cattle and poultry feed.

    Existing and prospective dealers are requested to place their query through www.valuemanorganic.in for more details.

  • NOTICE :Beware of Fraud - 03.04.2015


    Public is hereby informed that our company Valueman Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. is a limited liability company having registered office in Kolkata. From last couple of weeks we have been receiving malicious calls from many people enquiring about company naming Valueman Infratech India Ltd. Please be informed that the said company is not even remotely associated with us. People are mistakenly calling us to reach this reportedly fraud company. Beware !


  • Valueman Organic new site is launched! - 01.07.2015

    Great to announce that the flagship division of our company has got a new website look. Thanks for the incredible deligence of our developper and support team.

    This site is more informative and shaped in a more professional way to include minute details of what is going on in the company and in the field.

    You can have occasional blog information as usual from this site.

    Happy surfing !!! www.valuemanorganic.com

  • Press Conference - 05.09.2015

     Press conference at Kolkata Press club held today.

     Please be referred to major daily news [ Bangla, Hindi, English] for details of the press conference organized in association with Winatural, the supplier of Organic input our company is marketing for.


    Press release: Official Launch of Valueman Organic, a unit of Valueman Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd., in association with Winaturals, Mumbai.

  • VALUEMAN ORGANIC LLP - 01.09.2016

    We are happy to announce that our company has separate wings for dealing with agri business under the banner of VALUEMAN ORGANIC LLP. From now, existing dealers will be billed by Valueman Organic LLP, instead of Valueman Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. Please note that this is a strategic step towards a focussed develeopment of agri input business. Management of the company is unaltered.


    Thank you all for your continuous support and cooperations.

  • Distributors wanted - 01.12.2016

    WE are looking for distributors at national levels to trade whole range of our products- Organic Agricultural input and veterinary feed items.

    Incumbent may directly call at +91 8017616123 or can mail us at info@valueman.in